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The Best Outdoor Gear Websites in 2024

Need some gear? We help you find the best outdoor gear websites you can rely on.
Best Outdoor Gear Websites in 2021

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Looking for the best outdoor gear websites?

We’ve put together a list of the best of the best when it comes to purchasing outdoor gear online. Read the full guide to easily find the best outdoor websites for deals, shipping, selection and rewards.

In today’s world of online overload, finding the best outdoor gear store can be a challenge.

This article helps you find the best outdoor gear websites and the best gear at the right price for your needs.

Go to the deal finder to see discounts from 40+ of the most reliable outdoor gear stores with the best selections of outdoor gear.

Click the table of contents’ links to take a quick look at the main features of each outdoor gear website.

You will see a quick-look box with a list of the main features for each particular outdoor gear store including shipping, returns, sales, and other pertinent details.

For more in-depth detail on each outdoor gear store – complete shipping and return policies, learning resources, community involvement, price match guarantees, etc. – keep reading the full description below the quick-look boxes.

The Best Outdoor Gear Websites

Whether you are looking for the latest and greatest or a selection of discount outdoor gear, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best outdoor gear websites on the web.

While a few of the major websites dominate (and for good reason), read through the entire list for some lesser known gems of the online outdoor gear world.

Quick Look: The Best Outdoor Gear Websites

Below are quick summaries of each outdoor gear website.

Their shipping and return policies, if they have frequent sales or clearances, and some of the store’s highlights.

Continue to the in-depth section for complete detail on each outdoor gear store. Click “details here” at the bottom of each card or jump ahead now.


Shipping: Free standard (at $50+, U.S. only)
Intl. Shipping: Yes
Returns: Lifetime (new-unused gear), 30 days for store credit (used gear)
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: One of the most extensive outdoor gear websites with a huge inventory, big sales, free shipping, and quality customer service. Lots of extras like learning resources, community involvement, health care workers program, and flash sales.

More details here.

Steep & Cheap

Shipping: Calculated at checkout, Eco-Friendly shipping available
Intl. Shipping: Yes
Returns: 30 days, flat rate return shipping $6.99
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: Huge savings (sometimes limited styles) w/the same reliability of Sign up for price alerts on a particular piece of gear and wait for the price to drop before purchase.

More details here.

REI (Recreational Equipment Coop)

Shipping: Free standard (at $50+, U.S. only)
Intl. Shipping: Yes
Returns: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Full refund, 1 year for unused gear, 30 days for used gear
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: REI offers you reliability, peace of mind with their used gear return policy, and one of the best selections of any outdoor gear store. Check out the REI Outlet for even bigger savings.

More details here.


Shipping: Free standard (at $49+, at $12+ for Moosejaw branded gear, U.S. only)
Intl. Shipping: Yes (free to Canada on orders $199+ USD)
Returns: Lifetime/60 days (60 days full refund, after 60 days store credit)
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: Like Steep & Cheap or REI, Moosejaw really is a one-stop-shop. For frequent sales or if you’re looking for something small like bike parts, Moosejaw should be your first stop. Frequent shoppers will benefit from the Moosejaw Rewards Program.

More details here.


Shipping: Free standard (at $50+, U.S. only)
Intl. Shipping: Yes
Returns: 366 days
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: Great inventory for mountain/road bikers. If you want a solid company committed to the outdoor community, with decent discounts, an incredibly generous 366-day (yes, you read that right, 366 days) return policy, and a number of physical locations, EVO is for you.

More details here.

Outdoor Gear Exchange (GearX)

Shipping: Free standard (at $49+, U.S. only)
Intl. Shipping: Canada only
Returns: 90 days & 30 day satisfaction guarantee
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: One of the first outdoor gear websites ever and now one of the largest, this should be one of the first places you look for deep discounts in every outdoor gear category.

More details here.

Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS)

Shipping: Standard flat rate $7.99 (U.S. only)
Intl. Shipping: Canada only
Returns: 60 days full refund, 1-year store credit
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: Selection and pricing that competes with bigger sites like REI or Steep & Cheap. Great place to find parts/accessories for almost every outdoor sport.

More details here.

OMC Gear (Oregon Mountain Community)

Shipping: Free standard (at $50+, U.S. only)
Intl. Shipping: No
Returns: 30 days full refund, 60 days store credit
Frequent Sales: No
Summary: While not the best outdoor gear website, OMC is still worth scrolling through for occasional good finds.

More details here.


Shipping: Free standard (at $49+, U.S. only)
Intl. Shipping: No
Returns: 60 days
Frequent Sales: No
Summary: One of the best outdoor gear websites for kayakers and watersports enthusiasts. Incredible selection of car racks. Join the Outdoorplay Rewards program for deals, special offers and to earn points towards purchases

More details here.

Camp Saver

Shipping: Free standard (at $49+, U.S. only)
Intl. Shipping: Yes
Returns: 60 days full refund, lifetime for store credit
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: One of the best outdoor gear websites for winter gear and backpacking/hiking gear, Camp Saver focuses on discount, demo, and sale items so expect deep discounts. Check out the Camp Saver Shed for the best deals.

More details here.

Summit Hut

Shipping: Free two day (at $50+, U.S. only)
Intl. Shipping: Yes
Returns: Lifetime
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: Extensive gear website with a good selection in all categories. Climbing gear selection is a bit limited.

Summit Hut Outdoor Gear Website Logo

Name Brand Discount Outdoor Gear Websites

Although they are not technically discount outdoor gear websites, we decided to add in a few lesser known name brand outlet stores.

Incredible deals can often be found at these stores and you get the confidence of shopping with a brand you trust.

REI Outlet

For quality discount outdoor gear, REI also has their REI Outlet store or what they call the REI Garage.

Same quality customer service, amazing return policies, and fast shipping times, but everything in the REI Outlet/Garage is heavily discounted (usually 30-50%).

They also have deeply discounted deals of the day. You can sign up for their mailing list to get deal alerts delivered daily.

If you are deciding between buying from one outdoor gear store or another, everything else being equal, REI is always a smart choice.

Shipping: Free standard (at $50+, U.S. only)
Intl. Shipping: Yes
Returns: 90 days.
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: The confidence and selection of shopping with REI but at incredibly discounted prices.

Patagonia Worn Wear

Worn Wear is Patagonia’s second hand store.

Customers can send in their gently used apparel for store credit. Patagonia passes the savings on to you.

Discounts on Worn Wear usually fall in the 30-40% range.

Selection fluctuates often so keep checking back if you know what you are looking for.

Shipping: Flat rate $7.50
Intl. Shipping: Yes
Returns: Lifetime
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: Patagonia gear is incredible outdoor gear but it can be expensive. Check out the Worn Wear store before buying full price.

Black Diamond Outlet

Black Diamond gear has a reputation for quality and innovation.

But lets face it, BD gear is expensive.

Check out the Black Diamond Outlet for regular discounts on BD gear.

Price reductions usually fall in the 20-35% range.

Returns must be accompanied by an RA number.

Contact BD to get your RA number, then write it on the return label that came on the original packaging.

Shipping: Calculated at checkout
Intl. Shipping: Yes
Returns: 60 days full refund, lifetime for store credit
Frequent Sales: Yes
Summary: For climbers and outdoor gear heads, finding BD gear on sale is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Check the BD Outlet for some big discounts before you buy full price BD gear.

In-Depth: The Best Outdoor Gear Websites

Now that you have an idea of what each outdoor gear website has to offer, we want to give you some more detail on each website’s policies, overall quality, and what if anything they do beyond simply selling gear.

In-Depth: Table of Contents


Backcountry is truly is one of the best outdoor gear websites in existence.

They are a home grown company based in Utah and also run a few other sites: Steep & Cheap, Competitive Cyclist, Moto Sport, and for Europeans; Berg Freunde.

The company makes it a point to hire actual outdoors people and consistently sponsors events while continuing to promote inclusion in the outdoor industry.

Currently, they also have a Healthcare Workers Program that offers a 20% discount on all gear.

Backcountry Discounts

Backcountry focuses on discount outdoor gear and maintains an unparalleled selection of outdoor gear items.

Backcountry’s rewards program, Expedition Perks, is one of the best in the industry. With a streamlined process, birthday rewards, cash back, and 2x points on Backcountry branded gear as well as a few other brand names, Expedition Perks saves you money and makes finding the right outdoor gear easy.

They literally have some sort of deep discount sale every week and if you sign up for their mailing list you get notifications about “Flash Sales” which have limited-time discounts of 50-75% off on selected gear or brands.

Additionally, they have their own generic Backcountry branded gear that is actually of surprisingly high quality at a fraction of the cost of similarly branded products.

Backcountry Shipping & Returns

Backcountry shipping is extremely consistent. They always ship within the time frame you choose at checkout and they also ship internationally.

Their returns process is fairly straightforward.

You can call in, speak with a real person, and have a return label created for you.

Or, you can create and print one online from your Backcountry account.

All you have to do is tape it on your package and drop it at a mail center.

Backcountry charges a flat $6.99 shipping rate for U.S. returns.

Backcountry Added Value

Backcountry stands out among the other outdoor gear stores as not only one of the best outdoor gear websites but by consistently providing high-quality added value to their customers and the customer experience.

They also have an extensive blog with useful articles like bike maintenance 101, fleece jacket buying guide, or gore-tex explained.

Needless to say, at Crux Range, is our favorite discount outdoor gear website.

Although sizes or styles can sometimes be limited, they still have the largest selection of in-demand gear and the best prices compared to their competitors.


Steep & Cheap

Part of Backcountry’s entourage of sites, Steep & Cheap is the go to site for big discounts on outdoor gear.

They offer the same reliability and policies as their parent company, Backcountry, but with even deeper discounts.

Steep & Cheap also offers some of the most generous price match policies (see below) you’ll find from any outdoor gear website.

Since it is a clearance outdoor gear store, sizes and styles of certain items can be limited.

Regardless, if you’re looking for some of the best discounts on name brand gear the internet has to offer, Steep & Cheap is always a great place to start your gear search.

Steep & Cheap Price Match

One unique feature of Steep & Cheap is their price match policy.

Other outdoor gear stores have price-match policies, but not many websites focused purely on discount and clearance items offer price match guarantees like Steep & Cheap.

Steep & Cheap Price Match Policy

Find an item on another site for cheaper and Steep & Cheap will match the price.

They will even credit you the difference if you contact them within 48 hours of the purchase.

Steep & Cheap also offers a Sale Price Guarantee (see above image and link).

If they put an item on sale less than 30 days after you buy it all you have to do is contact them and they will credit you the difference.

Steep & Cheap Price Alerts and App

You can also sign up for price drop alerts on items you select.

Find a piece of gear you want and put it in your cart. If the price drops you will be notified so you can pick it up at the discounted price before they sell out.

Steep & Cheap also has a slick mobile app for outdoor gear on the go (available for iOS and Android).



REI has been a reliable outdoor gear store since 1938, but they are by no means old school.

When it comes to new technologies aimed at improving customer experience, REI is at the forefront.

The REI website is easily one of the best outdoor gear websites today.

While Backcountry might have them beat on overall selection, discounts, or random pieces of gear; REI can usually beat out their competition in consistency of stock, shipping speed, and a generous return policy.

A nice thing about REI, if you live in the U.S., items bought online can be returned or exchanged at one of their omnipresent physical store locations.

Do You Have To Be A Member?

REI is a Co-op, which means if you are a member you will get a yearly dividend check and member’s only offers throughout the year.

However, when buying online you don’t have to be a member. Simply choose “check out as a guest” when finalizing your purchase.

REI Checkout As A Guest

REI Returns

REI offers a generous return policy.

Return any item in working order for a replacement for full refund within 1 year of purchase (electronic devices must be returned within 90 days for a full refund).

Any used gear bought from REI must be returned within 30 days.

REI Garage Sale merchandise is final sale.

REI Shipping

International shipping is available through REI.

And for U.S. based customers, in our experience at Crux Range, they have the fastest processing times out of any outdoor gear website.

Free tracking is initiated on all online orders, and their tracking details page is one of the most user friendly and accurate tracking platforms you can find.

REI Outdoor Gear Store Shipping Page

REI Stewardship & Community

One thing that truly sets REI apart as one of the best outdoor gear stores is their community work and stewardship.

As a member you do get a yearly dividend return, but REI is also big on philanthropy.

REI contributes a large portion of their sales to non-profit organizations, funds local initiatives, gives out grants, and has even contributed to scientific studies on human health and nature.

Check out their stewardship page for more information.

REI Coop Stewardship Page

Moral of the story, whether you want reliable shipping, easy returns, discount outdoor gear, a great website, social responsibility, or all of it; REI is a great choice.



Moosejaw is the outdoor gear website you’ve never heard of that just might change everything for you.

While they have one of the best selections of gear in general, where Moosejaw really shines is with the small stuff.

Whether you need an extra tent pole, T-Nuts for your new boulder wall, or a tubeless valve for your 2.5 inch tires, Moosejaw probably has it.

When we are looking for small accessories or hard to find random pieces of gear, Moosejaw is always our first stop.

Moosejaw has frequent flash sales and promo codes, and when you search in a category, they offer you the choice to search by items on sale.

Moosejaw Shop By Sale Items Page

Moosejaw Shipping

Moosejaw only ships within the U.S. and fees are calculated based on order size.

Moosejaw Returns

Moosejaw offers a lifetime return policy on all new-unused gear in original packaging and tags.

Any qualifying item returned within 60 days receives a full refund and items returned after 60 days get store credit.

As with other outdoor gear websites, you can print a return label through the website for a flat rate of $7.95.

Moosejaw Price Match

Within 14 days of purchase or before buying a product, if you find the exact product from a U.S. store Moosejaw will match the price and you will earn Moosejaw Rewards Dollars (see below).

As with other outdoor gear websites, the excludes items found on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Moosejaw Rewards Program

The Moosejaw Rewards Program is a free program you opt into at checkout.

Rewards Dollars sit in your account where you can apply them to future purchases.

Rewards Dollars can be used online and at physical Moosejaw store locations.

Moosejaw Extras

You can also shop in person/curbside pickup or return online items at one of Moosejaw’s store locations.

Moosejaw offers gift cards, live online chat for buying advice and questions, athlete sponsorship, and they have a knowledge center with useful articles and how-to guides.

They are also sponsors of The Conservation Alliance.



EVO is probably best known for its selection of winter gear and biking gear.

When it comes to outdoor gear websites, their ski and snowboard selection is nearly unrivaled.

For both mountain bikers and road bikers, EVO’s selection of bikes, bike components, and accessories, is also nearly impossible to match online.

EVO also has a decently sized inventory of surfboards and accessories, as well as wakeboards and wakeboarding accessories.

The only other outdoor gear website with such a huge selection of water sports gear is probably Outdoorplay.

EVO also has a great selection of skateboards and longboards as well as all the components and accessories that go along with them.

As mentioned, one thing that sets EVO apart from other outdoor gear stores is their selection of bike components.

Whether you need a crank puller for your downhill bike or you want to upgrade your rear cassette to 54T, EVO probably has what you are looking for.

EVO Price Match

Like Steep & Cheap, EVO offers a fairly competitive price match policy.

Find the same item somewhere else for cheaper (after taxes and shipping), EVO will beat the price by 5%.

EVO Gear Website Price Match Page

Also, if you purchase an item from them and the price drops or you find it somewhere else at a better price within 30 days, they will credit you the difference.

EVO Shipping & Returns

EVO offers free shipping on orders over $50 within the U.S., and all casual footwear includes free return shipping as needed.

Check out their useful links to shop gear only available to ship to your destination.

EVO Shipping Destinations

EVO also has a few flagship stores scattered throughout the U.S. where you can pickup or exchange gear in person.

And they have a network of 200 + “La Familia” stores throughout the States and abroad where you can have your online orders shipped to pick up in person.

EVO 365+1 Return Policy

EVO offers a 366 day return period for all new-unused gear.

Yep, you read that right, 366 days!

All gear must be unused and with original packaging.

Similar to, EVO returns are initiated through their website and offer a flat rate label that can be printed online.

EVO Community & Resources

The people at EVO put a lot of emphasis on providing added value to their customers.

They offer rentals and demos, a network of partner lodging and adventure travel options, ski camps, a YouTube channel, and live online chat; to name a few.

The company is passionate about the community and regularly supports youth and inclusion initiatives as well as supporting a number of non-profits.

At checkout, they offer customers the opportunity to donate to a number of community organizations.

And 2% of all EVO branded gear sales go to community youth organizations.


Outdoor Gear Exchange (GearX)

As far as outdoor gear websites go, Outdoor Gear Exchange has a slightly old school feel—probably because they were one of the first online gear stores!

But don’t let that fool you, this is one of the best gear shops on the internet.

Outdoor Gear Exchange started in Vermont in 1993, and by 1996 they were one of the first outdoor gear websites on the world wide web.

Since then, their online store, has grown into a comprehensive discount outdoor gear website.

Outdoor Gear Exchange Shipping

Free standard shipping within the U.S. on all orders over $49 excluding oversized items.

Other than Canada, Outdoor Gear Exchange does not ship internationally.

Outdoor Gear Exchange Returns & Satisfaction Guarantee

All new-unused gear in original packaging and tagging can be returned within 90 days of purchase.

Outdoor Gear Exchange asks customers to fill out a return form and they do not provide flat rate return shipping like some other sites do.

They do, however, offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Return any lightly used piece of gear within 30 days of purchase for store credit towards another purchase.

Outdoor Gear Exchange Price Match

Outdoor Gear Exchange will price match an exact match item found through a competitor’s site before purchase.

If you already purchased the gear and find a lower price elsewhere, notify them within 48 hours and they will refund you the difference.

Outdoor Gear Exchange Community & Extras

Outdoor Gear Exchange runs a useful blog with gear advice and how to’s as well as inspiring trip reports by local adventurers.

For buyers who prefer a gear store with a conscious, Outdoor Gear Exchange ticks all the boxes.

They have a gear donation program that anyone can apply to and started the Outdoor Gear Exchange Charitable Grant Fund in 2013.

A program whose “mission is to enhance outdoor recreation opportunities in Vermont communities by partnering with qualified organizations that focus on land conservation, land access, trail development and outdoor educational programming.”

You can apply for an Outdoor Gear Exchange Grant here.

Even though it is not as well know as some other outdoor gear websites, Outdoor Gear Exchange is a fantastic site with a big selection backed by a track record of reliability and responsibility.

If you want a homegrown outdoor gear store that you can rely on, Outdoor Gear Exchange is a solid choice.


Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS)

As far as selection and pricing goes, EMS ranks right up there with REI and some of our other top outdoor gear websites.

They have an extensive catalog for every outdoor sport as well as the accessories and parts to go along with whatever adventure you are getting into.

EMS has both a Sale page and an Outlet page with savings averaging as high as 60-70%.

They also have their own branded gear that is on par with REI’s in terms of selection and quality.

EMS Shipping

For standard shipping within the U.S., EMS offers a flat shipping rate of $7.99 ($12.99 to Alaska and Hawaii).

Also offered at a flat rate, their 2-Day Express Shipping is $19.99 (not offered to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories or APO/FPO addresses).

EMS International Shipping

EMS does ship to Canada (flat rate of $27.99) and most overseas APO/FPO addresses (list in image below).

EMS Outdoor Gear Store International Shipping

EMS Returns

Returns made within 60 days in new-unused condition with original packaging and tags are eligible for a full refund.

Returns made 60 days to one year after purchase are eligible for store credit for the full price of the item.

EMS Rewards members do not need a receipt for returns.

EMS Extras & Rewards Program

Similar to Moosejaw, Eastern Mountain Sports offers a Rewards Program where members earn points towards future purchases.

For every dollar spent with EMS you earn 1 point.

200 points is equal to $10 of purchasing power.

Members also get birthday rewards access to member’s only offers and events.

EMS Outlet & Clearance

As far as discount outdoor gear goes, EMS has a fairly extensive selection.

As noted above, they have both a sale page and an outlet page, but they also have a Deals Page for discounts grouped together by brand or category.

EMS Discount Outdoor Gear Deals Page

Eastern Mountain Sports Community

EMS is also very involved in their local community.

They sponsor and outfit all the staff at Mount Washington Observatory, offer a number of outdoor schools, and established the Go East community for outdoors people in the Eastern U.S.

EMS schools teach everything from rock climbing to avalanche safety and kayaking.

EMS Overall

For adventurers looking for an outdoor gear store with a strong track record, community care, and an incredibly well stocked discount outdoor gear website; EMS is a must stop shop.

If you know exactly what you need, check their Sale page and Outlet store before heading over to the main site.


OMC Gear

OMC stands for Oregon Mountain Community.

This gear store was started in the 70s and still has a decent storefront in partnership with The Mountain Shop in Portland, Oregon.

To be honest, though, this isn’t our favorite outdoor gear website.

It’s a little sparse in terms of inventory and doesn’t really offer users much added value or discount outdoor gear.

They do have a small selection of sale items and a couple of decent blog articles but overall it seems most of their attention if focused on the physical storefront.

Still, worth scrolling through if you’re having trouble finding something on another website.

OMC Gear Shipping

Free standard shipping within the U.S. on all orders over $50.

No international shipping.

OMC Gear Returns

Full refund on new-unused gear up to 30 days from purchase.

Store credit for items returned within 60 days.



If you are looking for anything in the adventure water sport category, Outdoorplay is your gear store.

Out of any outdoor gear website, they may just have the most extensive selection of adventure water sports gear on the planet (mostly fresh water sports).

Outdoorplay has every type of kayak, raft, or paddleboard.

And importantly, they also carry every accessory you might need for your water sport; from raft frames to kayak trailers, to spray skirts, and beyond.

Outdoorplay Shipping

International shipping is calculated at check out and they offer free standard U.S. shipping on all orders over $49.

They also have one of the fastest processing times; shipping most items same day.

Outdoorplay Price Match & Money Back Guarantee

Outdoorplay will match any competitor’s price for the exact same item up to 7 days after purchase (excluding items from marketplaces like Amazon or eBay).

For new-unused gear, they also offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Return the gear with original packaging and tags and Outdoorplay issues a full refund.

Outdoorplay Sales

Compared to other outdoor gear websites like Steep & Cheap or REI Outlet, Outdoorplay doesn’t really have sales or heavily discounted gear.

They do have a Sale page on their website, but categories are often empty or very limited.

Outdoorplay Free Shipping For Life

While they don’t offer much in the way of sales, Outdoorplay does offer 15% off plus free shipping for life when you join the Outdoorplay Club.

Outdoorplay Club For Discount Outdoor Gear



Another lesser-known outdoor gear website that is worth getting familiar with, Campsaver is focused on clearance and sale items.

The Campsaver Outlet has a huge selection of discount gear.

But something that makes Campsaver unique among other outdoor gear websites, is the Campsaver Shed.

As they put it on the website:

“The Shed is home to open-box, vendor sample, and demo products. They may not come in their original packaging, but all of these products are good-as-new and come at a significant discount to you!”

At the time of this writing they listed 663 products in the Campsaver Shed!

Campsaver Shed Discount Outdoor Gear

As the name implies, Campsaver’s inventory is mostly focused on camping and backpacking gear, and they have a lot of it.

They do have climbing gear and accessories but don’t expect a huge selection.

Campsaver has one of the best online selections of winter gear including backcountry skis, cross-country skis, snowshoes, avalanche gear, and pretty much anything else you need for winter sports.

For demo gear, clearance items, and a massive selection of winter gear and backpacking/camping gear, Campsaver and especially the Campsaver Shed, are must-stop-shops.

Campsaver Shipping

Free standard shipping on orders over $49 within the U.S.

International shipping is available, calculated at checkout based on destination and items being shipped.

Campsaver Returns

Something no other outdoor gear website offers, Campsaver provides free return shipping!

They offer free return shipping and full refunds on all orders within 60 days of purchase in new-unused condition with original packaging and tagging.

Return labels can be requested and printed from the Campsaver returns page.

After 60 days, returns in new-unused condition can be made anytime for store credit.

Campsaver Extras

Campsaver also offers a rewards program.

When you sign up for Campsaver Rewards, you earn 5% in rewards to be used towards future purchases.

Campsaver Rewards Program For Discount Outdoor Gear

While the Campsaver Shed might become one of the first places you look for discount outdoor gear, the site as a whole is well run and easy to use.

Overall, Campsaver offers great inventory at stunningly low prices.



When it comes to outdoor gear websites, there are a number of choices available.

Knowing which to chose or where to find them can be daunting.

You might find a great deal from an obscure site only to have the item never arrive or the company refuse your return.

We wanted to help you avoid the trials and errors of online shopping so we rounded up the best of the best outdoor gear websites.

These selections are based on our personal experience, ease of use, brand reputation, and peer reviews.

Hopefully you find what you are looking for somewhere in the 17 outdoor websites listed above.

Best Outdoor Websites For Each Category

For overall selection and reliability we always start with Backcountry, REI, and Moosejaw.

If you are looking for discount outdoor gear Steep & Cheap, Campsaver Shed, and Outdoor Gear Exchange have frequent and deep discounts.

Check our deal finder to instantly search these outdoor gear websites and 40+ other online retailers for deals and discounts.

When you need parts, accessories, or niche brands take a look at Moosejaw, EVO, and EMS.

Backcountry, REI, and EMS probably have the best selection of climbing gear.

While Campsaver and Outdoor Gear Exchange are hard to beat for hiking and backpacking.

Adventurers interested in water sports will find big selections from both Outdoorplay and EMS.

And you are most likely to score winter gear at EVO or EMS.

Mountain bikers and cyclist will probably have the best luck at EVO, Moosejaw, or Outdoor Gear Exchange.

Whatever your adventure, rest assured there is a high-quality outdoor gear website that can get you outfitted in style without breaking the bank.

Check the quick look boxes at the beginning of the article to get an idea of what each gear store has to offer.

Then click the arrows in the bottom right corner to take you back to the top and use the table of contents to read more in-depth on each outdoor gear website.

We hope this article has helped you find what you need at the price you want.

Now get out there and live your adventure!

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