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Portland Petfood Company: Backpacking Dog Food G.O.A.T

The best and most nutritious dog food for backpacking, travel, and more.
Portland Pet Food Company Dog Food And Treats

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If you love the outdoors and your dog, you’ve probably been looking for a high quality dog food your dog will appreciate that is also travel ready and backpacking friendly.

Backpacking with your dog? Read our in-depth article (including a handy pre-trip checklist).

Dehydrated dog food can be great for backpacking and travel, but for shorter trips, car camping or travel, your dog will thank you for the nutritious quality of Portland Pet Food Company’s ready-to-eat homestyle dog meals. 

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Portland Pet Food For Backpacking and Travel

Portland Pet Food’s homestyle meals all come pre-packaged in a durable BPA free 9.0 oz/255 g retort pouch. 

They take up almost zero space in your backpack and the bright colors make them easy to find when they float to the bottom of your gear. 

Retort pouches are made of a thick-malleable material that stands up to wear and tear when packed into a backpack or cooler. If you’ve ever seen the MRE meals troops take on deployment, this is the same material. 

We usually squeeze all the air out, roll it up, then place the pouch in another ziplock bag for added security when on the move.

Retort pouches are microwave safe and keep food fresh for two years when unopened. 

For our dog, who is approximately 50 lbs., a single pouch lasted 1-2 meals as a standalone and 4-5 meals as a kibble topper. 

On longer backpacking and car camping trips, we took along a single pouch of Portland Pet Food’s meals as a topper to spruce up rehydrated dog food. 

On ultralight camping trips with your dog, wet food might not be an option. 

Portland Pet Food Company also makes light weight super tasty dog treats. 

Our dog couldn’t get enough of the Pumpkin Treats (he’s not usually a beggar and he was begging non-stop for these treats). He was so enthusiastic we might have given them a few nibbles here and there too. 

Portland Pet Food Company Meal Pouches

Their treats are lightweight, come in their own resealable bag, and like all Portalnd Pet Food products, are made with high quality whole foods. 

There is even a few grain and gluten-free options. 

If you can spare the extra weight, Portland Pet Food’s homestyle dog meals are absolutely worth the effort. For those times when you need something lighter, try their treats and biscuits, your dog will thank you. 

About Portland Pet Food Company

Portland Pet Food Company (PPFC) is a family owned and operated company with a focus on fresh local ingredients and sustainability. 

All PPFC dog food and treats are made with human grade ingredients, which means although not for human consumption, they do not contain any substances or additives not approved for human consumption. 

They only use U.S. sourced ingredients, and PPFC foods never contain added vitamins, supplements, preservatives, additives, rendered meat, or synthetics. 

PPFC offers fast shipping within the United States. 

PPFC Recycling Program

PPFC also offers a free retort pouch recycling program. 

Simply request a free prepaid shipping envelope, send your used pouches back to PPFC, and they do the rest.

PPFC Gives Back 

5% of all PPFC’s net profits are donated to local non-profit animal shelters and programs. 


What makes Portland Pet Food Company the Greatest of All Time for backpacking dog food and treats? 

Portland Pet Food Company approaches every homestyle dog meal with a focus on quality, sustainability, and true flavor packed nutrition. 

Your dog will notice the difference and you will notice the difference in your dog. 

Their meals are easy to transport, reheat, and clean. 

PPFC dog treats are lightweight and full of flavor. 

If you’re looking for a better food for your dog and perhaps for your next backcountry trip with your best canine friend, Portland Pet Food Company is a smart choice. 

Portland Pet Food Company has provided a generous 20% discount for all Crux Range readers. Use the code CRUX20 at checkout or simply follow the link to their home page to find the best backpacking dog food and treats for your best canine friend.

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