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Best Rain Jacket for Men in 2023

The best rain jackets for men from city style to full on mountain ready rain jackets and everything in between.
Best Rain Jacket For Men

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When it rains it pours. And when it pours you want the best rain jacket to keep you warm and dry. 

Fortunately, when it comes to rain jackets there are a lot of great options out there. But, all those options can make choosing the right jacket for your needs a bit challenging.

Which is the most breathable material? Which is best for running or hiking? What about Gore-Tex, is it really waterproof? 

Keep reading this complete guide to the best rain jackets for men in 2021 for the answers to these questions and more. 

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The Best Rain Jacket for Men

While there are lots of great all around rain jackets available, the best one for you will depend on what you use it for most often.

Many people who live in particularly rainy environments have a few different rain jackets to suit their activities. 

One for the city, another for running and hiking, and another for ultra-light needs. 

Of course, we can’t all afford to have multiple jackets or even want to have that many. 

In the categories below we give you the best of the best rain jackets for men in each category. 

So, whether you are looking for the single best rain jacket for every situation or a specialized jacket to fill out your winter running arsenal, we’ve got you covered. 

Best All-Around Waterproof Jacket for Men

Arc’teryx Beta LT

The Beta LT was designed to be a versatile all-weather shell that will outlast any storm. The minimalist mid-length design has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Lightweight (LT stands for Lightweight), designed to be extremely packable, and made of GORE-TEX fabric. The Beta easily rolls into its own hood and fits in a side backpack pocket, slides smoothly over base layers, and is both windproof and waterproof. Like all Arc’teryx gear, the Beta LT jacket fits like James Bond’s tailored dinner jacket and comes in a variety of unique colors making it just as suitable for a high mountain pass as it is for a night on the town.

Waterproofness: 3.5/5

Pros & Cons:
• Watertight zippers
• Helmet compatible StormHood
• Pit zippers for added ventilation
• Two large watertight pockets
• Not fully waterproof (prolonged exposure will seep through)
• Lightweight, bombproof, stylish

Get the Arc’teryx Beta LT
Best Men's All Around Rain Jacket

The Beta LT is a solid all around rain jacket that is perfect for anything from climbing WI5 in a snow storm, to changing a tire in a downpour, to a night on the town on a damp winter night.

In fact, the colder it gets, the better the Beta LT performs as a shell.

Made of cutting edge GORE-TEX material, this raincoat is technically “waterproof.” However, as mentioned above, any material that is not coated in some kind of PU or PVC will soak through after long enough exposure to heavy rain or water.

Still, as far as performance rain jackets go, the Beta LT will keep you drier longer than similarly priced competitors.

In addition, the Beta LT features watertight arm pit zippers to dump internal moisture when the trail gets more vertical.

Here’s one of the gear gurus at Trekitt with an in depth look at the Beta LT:

If you like the versatility and durability of the Beta LT but want a roomier fit or heavier material, check out the Arc’teryx Beta SV (Severe Conditions).

The Beta SV is made from Gore-Tex Pro Most Rugged Technology, the most durable waterproof-breathable material on the market. In addition, the Beta SV features reflective components, an added chest pocket, and two internal pockets.

Runners Up Best All-Around Rain Jacket

For a solid and more affordable alternative to the Arc’teryx jacket above take a look at the Black Diamond Stormline or the Helly Hansen Loke jacket.

Made of BD’s proprietary BD.Dry Membrane, the Stormline is a lightweight shell that stuffs into its own pocket, is lightweight, waterproof-breathable, and just as capable of a day backcountry skiing as it is sightseeing in the city.

Helly Hansen’s Loke is an all around shell at an affordable price with legendary construction.

People looking for a reliable all-around rain jacket with a reasonable price tag won’t be disappointed with either rain jackets.

Fully Waterproof Rain Jackets

If you plan on standing in heavy rain for more than 10-20 minutes on end, you need a fully waterproof rain jacket. 

These types of jackets are usually designed as work wear for fishermen and other outdoor workers. 

Still, there are a few less rugged options for people who want both the optimum weather protection and a more stylish look.

Below are the best fully waterproof rain jackets for men from rugged to stylish.

Helly Hansen Gale Waterproof Rain Jacket

The Gale is undoubtedly the best fully waterproof rain jacket we have ever tested. Part of Helly Hansen’s Work Wear line, the Gale Rain is about as waterproof as a jacket can get before being made of adamantium. Because it is so waterproof, the only downside is that the Gale does not breath well if you are working up a sweat. But, the polyester liner does help wick moisture away from your skin. The Gale is 100% polyurethane (PU) coated with a soft polyester layer lining the entire coat. A drop back cut for extra coverage, double front flap to seal out water, hidden neoprene cuffs to keep water and wind out of your sleeves, a packable-adjustable hood, stay dry zippered chest pocket, fully welded seams, and enough style for any endeavor.

Waterproofness: 4.5/5

Pros & Cons:
• Fully waterproof
• Low breathability
• Soft inner liner
• Surprisingly stylish
• Longer back for coverage
• Hidden neoprene cuffs
• Inner dry pocket
• Packable hood

weight: 31.4 oz / 893 g
extra ventilation: no
pockets: 3

Get the HH Gale
HH Gale Jacket Fully Waterproof Rain Jacket for Men

While testing the HH Gale, we walked around in 4 hours of non-stop North West downpour with even a drop getting through.

Note, the seams along the lower hem and edge of the hood are not sealed. After an hour or so water started to seep at these points but the polyester liner gave enough of a buffer that it didn’t feel wet inside.

Here’s a look at the Gale up close in real life after a few hours in the rain then 5 minutes under a garden hose:

When it comes to full waterproofness at a reasonable price, you can’t beat Helly Hansen rain jackets. 

There are some other work wear brands out there with decent products, but Helly Hansen brings a bit more style to all their products without sacrificing on waterproofness and durability. 

For a basic fully waterproof coat without the the softness or style of the Gale, there are minimalist PVC rain jackets available from Carhartt as well as the Helly Hansen Mandel.

Waterproof Winter Coats

The North Face McMurdo Down Parka

Constructed with The North Face’s patented DryVent waterproof-breathable material, coated with DWR repellant, and packed with 600 fill down, the McMurdo Parka is a classic winter coat that performs in any weather. DryVent is the perfect material for a winter parka. It will keep you dry even as snow melts on your jacket while providing a high degree of breathability to prevent damp layers next to your skin. With 4 large pockets (two vertical stash pockets, two large zippered chest pockets) and a zippered internal pocket for keeping things warm and dry, the McMurdo has enough storage for a day around town or a snow shoe tour of the local mountain. The faux fur hood rim is removable and the jacket extends to mid thigh for added coverage. The McMurdo gets a few stars off for breathability and waterproofness, but if used as intended – for severe winter conditions – these factors don’t aren’t a problem. A classically stylish workhorse of a jacket for cold weather the North Face McMurdo is simply one of the best waterproof winter coats for men. For a slightly less warm but more stylish option, check out the North Face Gotham III.

Waterproofness: 3/5

Pros & Cons:
• Fully waterproof
• 600 fill down
• 5 pockets w/inner stash pocket
• Roomy fit/fits a bit large
• Longer back for coverage
• Adjustable hood
• Removable faux fur hood liner
• DryVent material w/DWR finish

weight: n/a
extra ventilation: no
pockets: 5

Get The McMurdo Jacket
The North Face Waterproof Winter Coat

People who live in humid but cold winter climates like the East Coast of North America, Southern Alaska, or the Alps, know that you need a winter coat that is both waterproof and warm. 

By winter coat, we mean a big coat that feels cozy the instant you throw it over your shoulders but isn’t lacking in style. 

For snowy conditions or occasional wet snow in a more urban environment, a waterproof winter coat with down insulation will give you the best of both worlds – great water proofing and superior warmth.

A waterproof winter coat like the McMurdo Parka above or the classic Canada Goose Parka would be best suited for urban settings where exposure to the rain or wet snow doesn’t last for more than a few minutes at a time and you won’t be sweating too much while wearing it. 

Alternatively, a coat like the Black Diamond Boundary Line is better suited for doing intense activities in the winter like sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, or working.

In case you can’t find our top pick above, here are our three runner’s up for best waterproof winter coats:

Helly Hansen Dubliner
Arc’teryx Therme
Fjallraven Singi

Best Insulated Rain Jacket

There is a bit of overlap between insulated rain jackets and waterproof winter coats.

A waterproof winter coat could be worn in a Nordic sleet storm whereas an insulated rain coat would be better suited for a cold rainy day hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

The main difference being that winter coats tend to have more insulation and the insulation is sewn into the coat (like your favorite puffy with body amor), whereas insulated rain jackets are not designed for as severe conditions and may have either a thin internal liner or even a removable inner layer.

Here are a three of the best insulated rain jackets with a range of synthetic and down insulation:

Marmot Riverfront Parka (synthetic)
Arc’teryx Therme LT (down/synthetic blend)
Helly Hansen Squamish (fleece/removable)

If you live somewhere that is rainy and cold you might be able to get away with some type of down insulation but synthetic insulation is likely a better choice. 

The main difference between down and synthetic insulation is that synthetic performs better when wet.

People who plan on exercising throughout the winter will definitely want to opt for synthetic insulation. 

If you’re exercising, you are sweating. Moisture from your sweat will make you cold and dampen your coat’s insulation, making you even colder! 

Synthetic insulation retains much of its warmth when wet while wicking moisture away from your skin and drying quicker than down. 

When down gets wet it loses almost all of its ability to keep you warm. In addition, wet down clumps, reducing your coat’s ability to keep you warm in the future.

Here’s another great video from Trekitt in the UK explaining the key differences between down and synthetic:

Our picks for best insulated rain jacket, shown above, give options with both types of insulation.

Best Heavy Duty Rain Jacket

Although heavy duty rain jackets might not be the most stylish, they are built to withstand anything from a light drizzle to full on squalls. 

For the most part, heavy duty jackets is not going to be as breathable as its lighter more versatile cousins. However, there are some great heavy duty jackets with added ventilation that also come with affordable price tags.

Our favorite heavy duty rain jacket that is also fully waterproof is the Helly Hansen Gale shown above. If you want something slightly burlier and more suited to work (PVC coated rather than PU) without losing the added features if the Gale, Helly Hansen’s Storm Jacket is the next logical step.

Helly Hansen Storm Rain Jacket

The Storm jacket from Helly Hansen is built with work in mind. With no front pockets to snag on equipment, neoprene wrist cuffs, a hidden inner pocket, PVC coating, and available in hi-visibility colors, the Storm is suitable for anybody working extended periods of time in extremely wet weather.

Waterproofness: 4.5/5

Pros & Cons:
• Fully waterproof
• Minimalist design
• Zippered inner stash pocket
• Hidden neoprene cuffs
• Hi-visibility colors
• Adjustable hood
• PVC coated

weight: 8.9 oz / 254g
extra ventilation: no
pockets: 1

Get The HH Storm Jacket
Heavy Duty Rain Jacket Helly Hansen Storm

For other heavy duty PVC rain jackets built to last take a look at the options below:

Grundens Shoreman Jacket
Carhartt Heavyweight Coat
Viking Journeyman

Rain Jackets for Hot Weather

For hot weather look for a non bulky rain jacket (so that when the sun does come out you can easily roll it up and stash it) ideally with added ventilation and one that still looks good when worn with the main zipper open.

The most important aspects to look for in a rain jacket for hot or humid weather are ventilation and breathability. 

Look for highly breathable materials like Pertex, GORE-TEX, or other proprietary materials like BD.dry.

Top rain jackets for hot weather:

Outdoor Research Helium
RAB Arc Eco
BD Treeline Rain Shell

Pertex is generally a much lighter and comfortable but slightly less rugged material compared to GORE-TEX. Additionally, Pertex is usually more affordable than GORE-TEX garments. You can learn more about the differences between the two here.

Sometimes, on quick ridge runs or early starts where weight and packability are more important than waterproofness, you might be better off with a weatherproof windshell than a full on rain jacket.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great options like our all time favorite the Black Diamond Alpine Start wind shell (an improved version of the timeless Patagonia Houdini jacket).

Lightweight Rain Jackets

Fully waterproof rain jackets and jackets with lots of zippers and vents can get fairly heavy as well as bulky. 

If you are looking for something lighter and more packable as an emergency shell or all around weather jacket, here are the best lightweight rain jackets that still perform well when the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

Patagonia Storm 10
Outdoor Research Helium
BD Fineline Stretch

Rain Jackets for Running

For running or other high output activities you want a lightweight rain jacket that is breathable, has a more athletic cut, and has some extra ventilation. 

Throw in some bonus features like reflective accents or strategically placed pockets and you’ve got yourself a great jacket for running in any condition. 

Here are the best men’s rain jackets for running:

Hoka ShakeDry Run Jacket
Brooks Canopy Jacket
Nathan Stealth Jacket
Patagonia Storm Racer
The North Face Flight Lightriser

Patagonia Storm Racer

The Storm Racer jacket is built for runners with adventure in mind. Two ergonomic side-chest zippers allow access to water bottles and other items on a running vest or backpack while keeping everything sheltered from the elements and providing added ventilation for higher output runs. Made from Patagonia’s patented H2No ripstop nylon, the Storm Racer is waterproof-breathable, is feather light, and fits into its own integrated stuff sack. An adjustable hood and soft adjustable wrist cuffs with a soft inner chin guard make this running rain jacket a pleasure to wear in any condition. See the video below for a look at the Storm Racer in action. This jacket is part of Patagonia’s “High Endurance Kit,” you can see the full kit here.

Waterproofness: 3/5

Pros & Cons:
• Innovative double zipper
• Superior ventilation
• No pockets
• Waterproof-breathable
• Adjustable hood & soft cuffs
• Ultra-light & packable
• Easy on-off

weight: 7 oz / 198 g
extra ventilation: yes
pockets: 0

Get The Storm Racer
Patagonia Storm Racer Running Rain Jacket

Rain Jackets for Hiking

Whichever type of hiker you are, take a look at the rain jackets below, there is something for everyone. 

Patagonia Torrentshell 3L
OR Helium Jacket
BD Treeline Rainshell
Helly Hansen Loke
Marmot Minimalist

There are a number of great rain jackets for hiking. 

Which is the best for you will depend on the type of hiking you do most often, and how hard it rains where you will be hiking. 

If you want a hiking shell for all conditions, the BD Treeline is the best all-around for hiking jacket you can get.

BD Treeline Rainshell

Black Diamond hasn’t been in the jacket game very long, but they have already created some of the most well thought out rain jackets on the market. The Treeline was designed by BD as an all conditions hiking and backpacking shell. Three points of ventilation (including a large back vent), and waterproof-breathable BD.dry material on top of an athletic fit make the Treeline a rugged rain jacket for hiking with enough style to hit the town for a post trail meal without skipping a beat.

Waterproofness: 3.5/5

Pros & Cons:
• BD.dry waterproof-breathable
• Mesh back vent & pockets for ventilation
• Sealed front zipper
• Upper chest stash pocket
• Helmet compatible hood
• DWR coated

weight: 8.9 oz / 254 g
extra ventilation: yes
pockets: 3

Get The Treeline Jacket
Rain Jacket For Running Black Diamond Treeline

For ultralight hikers weight is the most important factor. The obvious choice for people in this category is the Zpacks Vertice Jacket

Long range hikers or mountaineers will be better suited with a more rugged rain jacket that balances waterproofness, breathability and durability. 

The Arc’teryx Alpha SL and the OR Helium are great examples of light but more rugged rain jackets for hiking. 

Remember, the more durable and well ventilated the jacket gets, the heavier and less packable it will be in general. 

One additional factor to keep in mind when choosing a rain jacket for hiking; drying time. 

For the most part, lighter materials will dry much faster when soaked through than their bulkier counterparts. 

When hiking in areas where it snows more than rains a heavier rain jacket is better suited to the dry or occasional moisture. While same jacket on a jungle trek will be a heavy mess that never fully dries. 


Not all rain jackets are created equal. 

In fact, some aren’t even rated as “waterproof,” and among waterproof rated jackets there is still a range of waterproofness. 

Waterproof jackets like the Arc’Teryx Beta LT can withstand a decent amount of rain before soaking through to your layers below. However, “Waterproof” is not the same as “Fully Waterproof.”

For fully waterproof, think Nordic fishermen or boat operators under Niagara Falls. 

Even hours spent in an atmospheric river won’t breach a fully waterproof jacket like the Helly Hansen Gale

To find out how to choose the best rain jacket for your needs, keep reading here.

Whether you want a rain jacket for your next thru-hike or one for around town, in the article above we found the best of best in each category.

Don’t be left out in the rain, get your rain jacket today.

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